Declutter Your Christmas Decorations-Now or Later?

It may seem a little counter intuitive, but now may be the perfect time to declutter your Christmas decorations. True confessions. Year after year, I have the best intentions to declutter when I take my decorations down. Year after year, I’m so over it by the time I take them down, that I put everything back in the tubs and don’t even open those that remain in the attic. As I close the last tub, I always promise myself next year. This year, I am purposing to go through ALL the bins BEFORE I decorate, or at the very latest while I decorate. If I’m not using it, it’s going. I know there are bins in the attic that have decorations from when we first were married 26 years ago!

Whether you choose to go through your decorations now, while you are decorating, or when you are taking them all down, I highly encourage you to make it a habit to do so every few years-do as I say, not as I do ;). Our home is different now than it was 10 years ago, and definitely my taste has matured. So it’s time to move some things out. I’m sure you experience the same thing. Depending on how organized your decorations already are, it should really be pretty easy since most of us store our decorations in bins.

Steps to Decluttering Your Christmas Decorations

  1. Choose when you want to declutter your decorations-before, during or after the holiday.

  2. Choose how you will declutter. I like the slow and easy method. Since my bins are in pretty good order-ornaments in one bin, lights in another, etc, I plan to bring in one bin at a time and go through it during the evening. If it takes two evenings to go through one bin, then that’s how long it takes. I will just keep doing that until I have gone through all the bins-even the ones that have been in the attic for years!

    You may prefer a more Marie Kondo method and just bring in all the bins and pull everything out at once. My hat’s off to you if that’s your method of choice. I know I’d be too overwhelmed, and everything would end up back in the bins with no sense of order.

  3. As with all decluttering, have a trash bag and a donation box/bag before getting started.

  4. If you are decluttering before you decorate, place the keepers back in a bin with like items and clearly label the bin. You can use Avery labels or even write on the bin itself with a Sharpie. Yes, my husband did that years ago, and I almost freaked out until I realized it was brilliant. If you’re not quite ready to go that rogue, these are my favorite labels for garage/attic bins -

  5. If you are decluttering while decorating, you will need to take some extra time as you are taking your decorations down to categorize them and label the bins.

  6. If you are decluttering while taking your decorations down, don’t start dismantling your home decorations until you’ve gone through what remains in your bins. Categorize what is left, and add to those bins as you take your decorations down. Label accordingly.

  7. Done. Easy, right? So why do I keep putting it off?

Once the decorations come down and all the pine needles are vacuumed up, I know I am going to feel great to have my home back in order as always. But there will be the added satisfaction that we only have the Christmas decorations we love and use living in our attic. Are you inspired to declutter your Christmas decorations this year? Enjoy your holidays!